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600 W. Center street Fayetteville, AR 72701

Class Styles

BEGINNING VINYASA gives time and space to break down the poses and discuss alignment. It moves at a slower pace and perfect for beginners, people with injuries or recovery. You will learn sun salutations, warrior series, balancing postures, back bending and inversions safely. We keep it simple, but beginning does not mean easy! The focus of these classes is on building a framework for your yoga practice that includes constant, focused breathing and strong, safe poses with proper alignment. You’ll learn that Beginning is challenging but also fun! You’ll sweat, you may laugh and you’ll grow as you learn the foundation of this empowering practice.

Lucus DeBuhr

VINYASA combines movement and breath to foster strength, flexibility, balance, and self-awareness. Let go of your doubts and step into your personal power. This is a wonderful class to learn the art of vinyasa yoga and experience techniques for de-stressing your life. You will flow consistently from pose to pose – utilizing the foundation of alignment and ridding the body of toxins. This challenging form of yoga will transform your body and revive your spirit. Open to all ages and all levels.

Stephani Jungmeyer + Cheryl Walsh + Lucus DeBuhr + Amy Graves

75-90 MINUTE VINYASA is perfect for the weekends! The energy is high, the music is rockin', the sweat is ON...prepare yourself to be challenged. When you step onto your mat, you realize you can do anything! This class will focus on the spiritual teachings and philosophy of this ancient practice as well as the powerful effects of alignment in each pose. It's a steady flow of sun salutations, creative sequencing moving consistently from pose to pose stretching your inner prana.    ~   Krista DeBuhr

SLOFLOW invites you to wake up your body, expand your mind, explore your habits and energize your spirit.  Her beginning class brings our consciousness to the present moment..to the here and now.  She will help you grow strong, release tension, and just turn off mind chatter through yoga postures.  Sadie believes, "We are radiant & beautiful spirits living in physical bodies."    ~   Sadie McDonald

VINIYOGA will move through asana to learn how to understand our bodies and the way that breath and movement has an effect on the posses. We will focus on advanced pranayama practices (controlled breath work) to help understand how to use the breath for focus, balance, tension release and energy. Breath is a mechanism of change for your bodies and minds.  Learn how to use it!  Prior exposure to breath work is a pre-requisite.  ~   Amy Graves

RESTORATIVE is a relaxing class designed to nurture your your body, mind, & soul. This soothing mixture of vinyasa and restorative yoga, sprinkled with meditation and pranayama (breath) practice, will leave you feeling balanced and blissful. Some of the benefits include; better sleep, improved digestion, more energy, reduced stress, and more. Slow Flow is a great class to add to your winter yoga routine!  "My goal as a teacher is to leave you feeling better than you did before you walked into my class. I always try to offer something for everyone, and encourage students to follow their intuition and find their own practice during class."   ~   Mary Fennel

ROCK YOUR BODY A "bootcamp" style class featuring cardio and strength training, along with yoga poses and breathing.  This energizing class will help you create muscle and stamina, and promote weight loss/management while incorporating safe alignment and breath instruction.   ~  Lucus DeBuhr

T'AI CHI is for every level.  Dennis will teach you the fundamentals of Chen T'ai Chi and Yi-Chuan / I-Hsing as he was taught by Sifu Fong.  You'll be guided through your own practice. Appropriate attire is loose fitting clothing and walking or running shoes.  "From a traditional Chinese perspective, our contemporary attempts to heal the body without healing the mind or to train the mind without strengthening the body are equally futile."  Sifu Fong